How to succeed in IT project management

"Projectplace proved to be the Swiss Army knife I was looking for. It has everything I want. And an additional advantage is that it is an online software, so maintenance-free and accessible from anywhere."
Eric Rozestraten, RLC Project Manager

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The hazard of IT project management

Efficient and secure collaboration is essential in project management – especially within the IT and consultancy industry, that often deals with multiple projects involving numerous external partners.

It’s a worrying fact that large IT projects often cost much more than originally estimated; some can even put the whole organization in jeopardy. While companies reduce their IT department’s budget in an attempt to keep the costs down, this is contradictory enough not combined with less responsibilities. In reality, IT project management often has to be as productive as before, but make do with less funds. With Projectplace, you can improve efficiency and reduce the risks.

Explore the benefits

Here are some examples on how Projectplace will help you succeed in IT project management:

  • Keep track of project status, tasks and deadlines and discover deviations early
  • Share all documents outside the firewall in a single, central and secure location
  • Access up-to-the-minute correct versions of documents without e-mail overflow
  • Get a rapid status overview of all your projects in one place – in real-time
  • Speed up communication with project stakeholders
  • Store IT and auditing data securely and make all review feedback available centrally

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Efficient teamwork is the roadmap to success

Projectplace will help you improve performance by providing reliable and intuitive project management tools focused on collaboration. Make sure that you secure critical internal and external talent and build effective teams. Use Projectplace to keep everyone aligned with the overall goals of your projects.

Improved collaboration holds enormous potential when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your projects. Customer surveys show that Projectplace users by their own estimation are saving two hours per week in average, thanks to more efficient collaboration.

"The ability to access a virtual work environment in which project managers in an outsourcing project can collaborate on a Request for Proposal, for example, is an absolute necessity!"
Project Manager, KPN Telecom

Successfully engaging stakeholders

Keeping stakeholders informed of the project status is imperative, but it’s after all only the basics. To support project quality – aim to involve project stakeholders so that they will also become project advocates. An engaged client can provide a valuable sounding board for ideas and also help navigate the project through executive approvals.

Projectplace provides outstanding conditions for project communication, for both project members and external stakeholders. This will help you succeed in IT project management.

Collaborate online in a secure environment

Military-grade encryption and the possibility of two-step verification are just two examples of how we’re ensuring the security of your IT project management.

With Projectplace, your projects will be at your disposal: Since 2004, our service has an average uptime of 99.98 percent! By using the Projectplace app, you can access all the project files from wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet.

SAS Insitute has used Projectplace since 2002 for both internal and external projects.
External projects are often focused on SAS software implementations or upgrades and
frequently involve consultants from one of SAS Insitute’s partners.

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