Project portfolio management tools 

“What we were looking for in a multi-project-management tool was real transparency and reporting that would keep stakeholders engaged and up to date. It gives us the best of both worlds, enabling us to run all our global development processes and projects from a single place.”
Claus Schmidt, R&D Director, Secop.

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With Projectplace you get a complete overview of how your projects are performing. You can see the status of Key Performance Indicators (time, cost and quality) as well as project budget, cost to date and expected outcome per project. In Projectplace, management can not only see the status of each project, they can also analyze, prioritize and follow-up, making sure that resources are used in the optimal way.

  • Increase transparency of information between project managers and stakeholders.
  • Enable simple and easily digested information about status, progress and performance of ongoing initiatives.
  • Get an overview of who is working on what across projects.

Projectplace gives you full control of your company’s projects, safely guiding your organization successfully along the right path.

Portföljstyrning i Projectplace
Manage your project portfolio with Projectplace

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Projectplace samlar ditt team för att förbättra samarbetet och få saker gjorda. Våra kunder upplever:

  • 74% färre projektförseningar
  • 69% bättre kostnadskontroll
  • 82% mindre bortkastad tid

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Direct access to project data

Projectplace creates transparency between the project managers and stakeholders. Important information from the projects trickle up to the portfolio and is visible in one place to make sure that all stakeholders have access to the same and latest data. Keep everyone in the loop and contribute without having endless email conversations.

Quick access to information makes planning and decision-making more efficient. Using management tools in close conjunction to project execution benefits transparency, keeps your data streamlined and increases team collaboration – all key elements of successful multi-project management.

Projectplace never sleeps; our service is available 99.98% of the year so the latest information from the projects is always accessible. It´s also designed for mobile devices so regardless of where you are or how you work your data is accessible to you.

A detailed portfolio view

Manage the team – not just the project

Projectplace’s tools increases team performance by bringing people, teams, and organizations together in one place, empowering your team within and outside your company to connect, collaborate, focus on their commitments and get work done.

Different levels of project portfolio management

Projectplace efficiently meets different demands – from an extensive, scalable project portfolio tool, to a lighter version for more basic project management needs. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the right PPM tool for your management.

Learn more about the project management tools in Projectplace.

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